Dear EverSpring Pharmacy Customers, 

EverSpring wants to assure you that your communities and individuals will experience minimal disruption of services as we continue to provide exceptional services daily during these unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19. EverSpring continues to maintain constant communication with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, St. Louis County Health Department, and all Long-Term Care regulatory boards to ensure continued delivery and operation to meet your ever-changing needs during this crisis.  Below are some of the steps being taken to minimize interruption of medication:

Maintaining Standard Operating Hours

  • EverSpring pharmacy continues to remain open with regularly scheduled business hours. A pharmacist remains available 24 hours a day for any emergency medication orders needed outside of those regular business hours.

Delivery Safety Protocols

  • Our couriers have been instructed to follow and adhere to visitor policies established by the communities we serve.
  • We encourage a “contact-less” delivery with the driver visually verifying the medication was received and will note the staff member and time the medications were delivered.
  • If your community or agency has confirmed COVID-19 cases, please make pharmacy or driver aware so couriers may take additional steps if necessary while delivering medication.

Inventory Supply and Emergency Dispensing Plans

  • EverSpring has increased inventory on-hand to prepare for any medication supply issue.  We are always in communication with our primary pharmaceutical supplier as well as several different other wholesalers to ensure adequate supply on hand moving forward.
  • We have plans in place to dispense medications from other pharmacy locations in the event our pharmacy location needed to close for any period.

Employee Safety Precautions

  • We are following workplace recommendations set forth by Public Health as well as the CDC to prevent transmission of the virus.
  • We have communicated with staff and clients of proper hand hygiene, use of hand sanitizer, and provided PPE as recommended per CDC guidelines.
  • We are encouraging all employees to stay home if not feeling well.
  • We are limiting all non-essential deliveries and services into the building.  Essential deliveries are being accepted at the door with the driver having limited contact in the building.  

EverSpring will continue to monitor the always evolving COVID-19 crisis and provide timely information to all those we serve.  We will continue to make any changes or modifications to our current protocols in place to comply with updated recommendations by the CDC and Department of Public Health.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a pharmacy representative.

Steve McConnell, RPh,
– Owner,  EverSpring Pharmacy 

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We are committed to offering quality care. As always, EverSpring Pharmacy proudly supports those we serve and will remain strong together.