Announcing our new partnership!

This partnership will revolutionize how healthcare is delivered to senior living communities and continue our mission in the relentless pursuit of opportunities to improve the lives of seniors. I am excited for a bright and healthy future together.

Joshua Stevens EmpowerMe Wellness Founder and CEO

I am very excited that EmpowerMe Wellness has chosen to partner with EverSpring Pharmacy. Since being founded, EverSpring Pharmacy has embraced innovation and has delivered unparalleled customized services. This partnership is yet another step that we are taking to help our customers deliver the best care possible to their residents.

Steve McConnell EverSpring Founder and Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

The position and role you play in our company is very valuable and it will remain exactly the same. Think of our partnership with EmpowerMe Wellness as an expansion of our already very successful business. By becoming part of EmpowerMe Wellness, EverSpring Pharmacy will be able to add on-site therapy options to our senior communities and residents, and EmpowerMe Wellness will be able to provide pharmaceutical services to theirs.

EmpowerMe Wellness enables senior living communities to offer comprehensive rehabilitative care on-site, at no additional cost. By partnering with EmpowerMe Wellness, communities are able to embed physical, occupational, and speech therapy into the daily lives of residents without them having to leave their community. These valuable, on-site services are provided at no cost to their clients, and residents and their families quickly perceive the value of this service, helping to boost occupancy and customer satisfaction.

One quick way to learn more about EmpowerMe Wellness is to take a look at their website: We think you’ll be very pleased to see the similarity in our approaches to serving the senior community.

You will see very little difference. Our founder and owner, Steve McConnell will still manage EverSpring Pharmacy, and he will also be an important part of the EmpowerMe Wellness executive leadership team.

No. You will continue to report to the same person you do now.

No. You will continue to work in the same location you do now. The EmpowerMe Wellness home office is also in St. Louis, so our management teams can work closely together, but no one from either company will be changing their work location.

A portion of EverSpring Pharmacy was sold to EmpowerMe Wellness for the purpose of creating an even greater value proposition for our senior communities. As you know, providing appropriate care for seniors requires our communities to provide their residents with access to many different services, and it can be a daunting process for them to manage. Having the option to have both therapy and pharmaceutical services on-site and managed by the same company will add tremendous value to our communities and their residents.

We will be sharing the news with our clients once we have had an opportunity to talk with our employees. They certainly aren’t required to adopt EmpowerMe Wellness’ therapy services, but we believe they will be excited to have this option.

Start by asking your immediate supervisor. If they don’t know the answer, they will contact us, and we will make sure we provide a thorough answer.

No. Your compensation will not change as a result of this partnership. For now, your benefits will remain exactly the same, including PTO and your 401(k). As our employee systems are migrated into those of EmpowerMe Wellness, there may be slight changes. However, we do not anticipate that they will be significant, and you will be notified of them well in advance, if and when they occur.

EverSpring Pharmacy will still be our name, but we will now be under the umbrella of EmpowerMe Wellness.

We hope so! However, this will likely happen gradually over time, and we will change and expand personnel, as necessary, to manage any increases in volume. As the business grows, we believe there will also be opportunities for advancement.

One of the main reasons EmpowerMe Wellness is a great fit for us is the similarity in cultures. Both companies are singularly focused on improving health care for seniors. We simply have different specialties in how we do it, which is why this partnership will make our company even stronger.

Steve McConnell is still very much the leader of EverSpring Pharmacy and retains ownership. He will still be actively involved in the day-to-day workings of the company and will also be part of the EmpowerMe Wellness executive leadership team.

As you can imagine, there are many details to work out as the partnership progresses, and discretion is important until all the specifics are determined and hammered out. Now that we have reached that point, we are excited to share the news with our employees so you can be part of watching these two great teams come together.

In terms of day-to-day business and services, our customers will notice very little difference. Back-end processes, such as invoicing and reporting, may change slightly over time as our systems are integrated.

This is unlikely. However, should it happen, these questions should be answered by a member of the EmpowerMe Wellness senior management team. Please contact [email protected] and they will respond to the media on the company’s behalf.